Magnet History

Open Fridge
In March 2010 we started our first magnet exhibition at Gallery 89, Barnet. We worked closely with the gallery volunteers and students recovering from Mental Health problems to find a structure that eliminated many of the usual anxieties associated with submitting artworks.
The exhibition aimed to be totally inclusive, free to enter and with no submission panel.
106 artists exhibited 600+ images.
Gallery 89
Open Fridge website

FAB Fridge
In June 2010 we exhibited directly on the streets of Bath as part of the Fringe Arts Bath Festival.
Every artist received a thank you magnet of their image in the post.
Each magnet had a serial number and the website address.
Members of the public were invited to pick the magnets up, take them home, visit the website and find out who had made the one they had found.

Dean Reddick and I had a fantastic day putting up the magnets all round Bath.

93 Artists - 200+ images 400+ magnets

Fringe Arts Bath
FAB Fridge website

In July 2010 we exhibited as part of the Hazard MMX Festival in Manchester.
Artists were invited to submit work which responded to the theme 'Modern Hazards'.
The organiser, Tamsin Drury, had brilliantly arranged for us to place the magnets in the Arndale Centre, where shoppers picked them up.
The magnets carried all the usual addresses and numbers etc.
Peter S Smith and Glittermouse helped me place them.
53 Artists - 115 images/230 magnets
Freezchester website

Magnetic Walthamstow
Dean Reddick and I exhibited a set of magnets as part of the E17 Arts Trail in September 2010. In fact we exhibited two sets, the first at the Vestry House Museum and a second on the streets of Walthamstow.
Magnetic Walthamstow website
E17 Arts Trail
CUBE Open 2010
150 magnets were selected for this annual exhibition that celebrates innovation of Art in the built environment.
(Photo left courtesy of Nick Harrison)
CUBE website

Makrelsalat 2010
One of our regular contributors, Eskild Beck, kindly exhibited some magnets in this show in Aabenraa, Denmark.
Makrelsalat website
Unblank 2011
An exhibition of 100+ mini magnetic canvases on the railings of Golden Square, London as part of the Golden Square:Blank Canvas exhibition. Including 100+ mini magnetic canvases for the public to draw on and exhibit themselves.
Light Bite 2011
This February 18th we'll be exhibiting 250 magnets on the lamp posts of Nottingham as part of the Light Night Festival. For one night the city stays up so that its attractions and symbols are seen in a new light. The spectators get to see the unusual in a familiar environment and 'lose themselves' in the city, which is transformed into a stage for the night. Light Night is the best showcase for gaining wide public interest and participation so that people ‘buy into' their city in a short amount of time.
Light Bite website
Light Night website
Brighton Open 2011
In May we're going to exhibit 500+ magnets along the seafront of Brighton from 200+ artists. As part of the Brighton Fringe Festival. The public once again are invited to pick the magnets up and take them home.

Funky Fridge 2011
A group of students from the DHI art class are exhibiting a funky pink fridge in Bath Abbey as well as the City of Bristol College. Organised by Judith Gait. 30+ magnets 12+ artists.

Art Concord 2011
Tom Hosmer, Laura Morrison, The WCA and MOAP organised a 230 magnet exhibition in Concord, New Hampshire, USA.  The exhibition started at a Pop-up Gallery where the work was exhibited on Fridge doors salvaged from the local recycling center. The next day, Tom and many volunteers placed the work along shop fronts in this picturesque town.

Art Grows on Trees
32 magnets were exhibited in trees that line the pathway connecting Walthamstow Bus Station with the Town Square as part of the E17 Art Trail.

Tweet Street
Alban exhibited 150 magnets on 14th Street, between the Highline and 9th Avenue, New York, USA as part of the Art In Odd Places Exhibition.
Combining 75 tweets from  New Yorkers with his small arts project -

Swindon Magnetizer
Thanks to Swindon Does Arts funding we are looking for 160 pieces of original art to transform into fridge magnets to be displayed around the cultural hub of Swindon on the 26th November 2011. They will be attached to metal surfaces between the Wyvern Theatre and the Town Hall Studios and the public encouraged to pick up their favourite and take it home with them. Organised by the entusiast artist Sarah Checksfield.