Sunday, 31 July 2011

Pick up Art for free!

On the 27th August (4pm onwards) we'll be placing 250+ magnetic artworks from 115 artists on the gates of Hastings Pier. Come along, see all the work and pick one up for FREE.

If you've just picked up a magnet then check the serial number against the slideshow (Left) or click on the link to find the catalogue. This will tell you who made the image and its title.

To find out more about the artist visit the Artists page.

If you would like to take part in one of our magnet exhibitions then email me at . We aim to be totally inclusive and its free to enter. So get involved.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Rarities is CLOSED for submissions

Rarities 2011 is now closed for submissions. There's been a huge demand for places and we've had to close 3 weeks early.

One of our last entries was 'Don't Blame Me' by Gwen Black (left). Number 253 in the exhibition.

If you've missed out this time and havent got your name on our mailing list, then, email me Alban at . I'll be able to let you now when the next opportunity becomes available. I usually let the mailing list/ past exhibitors know a few days before the national/international 'call to artists'.

If you'd like to come along to St Leonards and Hastings to see what its all about and pick up some contemporary art for FREE then we'll be at the Pier gates from 4pm onwards, 27th August. The magnets get picked up quickly by hungry collectors so dont be late.